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Involve December

What's included?

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1. Skill Development
How To Develop Your Skills? (Video)
8 mins
Affirmation To Develop New Skills (Audio)
10 mins
Workbook To Develop New Skills (PDF)
Mind Map To Develop Your Skills
Quiz on Skill Development
2. Elimination Strategy
elimination strategy video
8 mins
Affirmations To Get Clarity In Life (Audio)
11 mins
Workbook To Get Clarity In Life ( PDF )
Mind Map To Get Clarity In Life
Quiz on Elimination Strategy
3. Overcome Procrastination
Overcome Procrastination video
7 mins
Affirmations To Overcome Procrastination (Audio)
13 mins
Workbook To Overcome Procrastination (PDF)
Mind Map To Overcome Procrastination
Quiz on Overcoming Procrastination
4. Develop Emotional Intelligence
Develop emotional intelligence video
8 mins
Affirmations To Develop Emotional Intelligence. ( Audio)
14 mins
Workbook To Develop Emotional Intelligence (PDF)
Mind Map To Develop Emotional Intelligence.
Quiz on EQ
5. Developing A Writing Habit
Developing a writing habit video
7 mins
Affirmations To Develop Writing Habit (Audio)
13 mins
Workbook To Develop Writing Habit. (PDF)
Mind Map To Develop Writing Habit
Quiz on Writing Habit
6. Developing Self Confidence
Developing Self Confidence video
10 mins
Affirmations To Develop Self Confidence. (Audio)
12 mins
Workbook To Develop Self Confidence.(PDF)
Mind Map To Develop Self Confidence
Quiz on Confidence